Solarkiosk designs, develops, deploys and – together with their partners – operates turnkey solar solutions and business models for off-grid frontier markets worldwide. Since 2011 they have deployed more than 250 of their Graft-designed solar powered kiosks (E-HUBBs) in Ethiopia, Kenya, Botswana, Tanzania, Rwanda, Ghana, Jordan, and Bangladesh. Since 2019 they have expanded the E-HUBBs to develop solutions for the humanitarian sector, mainly solar powered medical clinics and schools in refugee camps.

In 2016 we built a custom-tailored backend solution that was designed and implemented to help with the workflow coordination of planning and distributing their E-HUBBs worldwide. The system was built employing a Ruby-on-Rails / PostgreSQL stack and offered fine-grained, role-based workflow definitions (incl. autom. conditional e-mail notifications and alerts) that weren’t possible to implement with off-the-shelf software. Custom feeds and dashboards would inform the users about upcoming tasks.

ClientSolarkioskServicesIT Consulting, Concept, Development

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