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Having grown up with today's technology and with more than 15 years of professional experience in IT I can help you address new opportunities when it comes to digitalisation.

Whether you need a helping hand with an existing project or rather someone to guide you through the entire process of transforming an idea on a sheet of paper into the final digital product - I can help.


In 10+ years of mobile development I have participated in publishing more than 50 apps, some of which have been downloaded millions of times and awarded by Apple.

Having a background as a full-stack engineer I can not only build native apps but also design and implement backend services that augment your app.


  • 10+ years iOS engineering
    • Augmented Reality
    • Machine Learning
    • Battery-optimized location tracking
  • 8+ years Ruby on Rails engineering
  • 5+ years PSP development (PCI-certified payment processing)
  • 3+ years experience with public contractors

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