In collaboration with the agency “Zum Goldenen Hirschen” we set out to digitalize a process that has so far been mostly analog: the participant communication management of the Bundespresseamt’s parliamentary visitors’ program, which brings around 85,000 persons to Berlin every year.
What used to be a printed schedule sent to registered visitors via mail is now available as a mobile app that augments the plain schedule with additional information such as pictures, routing information or detailed information on the trip’s points of interest. Furthermore, visitors can be updated on changes in the schedule through push notifications.

The entire system – server and client apps – was built in a modular way that easily facilitates re-use of all components. Designing a processing pipeline that would enable the client to transform and enhance data, which is automatically extracted from a legacy system was one of the most challenging server-side tasks of this project. On the client-side we settled for a simple and therefore intuitive UX that would enhance accessibility – one of the project’s major requirements. 

The project scope included accompanying support for external BSI and accessibility reviews, which were conducted before publishing the app.

ClientPresse- und Informationsamt der BundesregierungServicesIT Consulting, Concept, UX, Development, Project ManagementYear2018Linkapps.apple.com


Making the app accessible to everyone has been one of the main focus points of this project. We support the OS's native system accessibility features like Dynamic Type, VoiceOver or Keyboard assistance.


A 360 degree bird's eye view is available for almost every point of interest of the tour. This custom implementation is similar to the city tour in Apple Maps' Flyover mode.

Universal Design

The app runs on iPhones and iPads in both portrait and landscape mode.

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