I released a new iTunes plugin on http://www.earlybirdapplications.com today: NightTunes, a simple plugin for iTunes that can automatically shutdown, hibernate or send your PC to standby at the end of a playlist.

If you, like me, enjoy listening to a good audiobook while dozing off to dreamland, but don’t want to leave your computer running throughout the entire night…

NightTunes is for you!

No more harddisk clatter noise or blowing CPU fans disturbing your sleep …plus you’re reducing your your energy bill and your carbon footprint :-)

Contact Alarm v.1.0 released

Posted by admin on February 25th, 2009

Today I released version 1.0 of my Skype plugin “Contact Alarm”. Amongst many new features like audio/video alarms and logging, it integrates with Snarl and allows for nice fade-in/fade-out status notification windows.

Check out http://www.earlybirdapplications.com for details.

NEW WEBSITE – http://earlybirdapplications.com

Posted by admin on February 6th, 2009

For a while now I’ve been working on a platform to publish some of the software I’ve developed in the past (and that I will be developing in the future:-). Well, it was a long path, some people even doubted that, given my tendency to perfectionism, I would ever finish up on this…but after way too many several re-writes, platform switches and logo changes (big thanks to Tobi for the final one), today I proudly present to you (*drumroll*):


Come in, take a cookie and browse through the, yet, sparse exclusive product list!

iTunesSnarl is Open Source now!

Posted by admin on September 10th, 2008

Hey y’all,

I just released the source code of iTunesSnarl. It is available via Google Code. So if anyone out there could please fix the cover issues, I’d be more than happy :-)

Check it out here: http://code.google.com/p/itunessnarl/

iTunesSnarl 1.1 is out!

Posted by admin on September 4th, 2008

Alright, I give up! Until someone explains to me, how to save the image, which that *beep*-ing iTunes Visual SDK function PlayerGetCurrentTrackCoverArt is supposed to return, this will remain a minor update:

Version 1.1, released 2008/09/04

  • The current song’s title is now displayed in the title of the snarl window.
  • The snarl window now also lists the artist’s album title (most of the time….don’t know why it bails out sometimes).
  • Removed Snarl_CMD.exe and any dependencies to it.
  • Plugin now registers with Snarl and popups can be disabled via Snarl.

iTunes plugin for Snarl (Growl for Windows)

Posted by admin on August 4th, 2008


Update: Go here for version 1.1


Over the last weeks I’ve become a huge fan of Snarl, which is a Growl-like notfication system for Windows. With the appropriate plugin, applications like Firefox or Miranda can display user messages through Snarl, which only opens small “bubble” message boxes that close itself after a certain period of time. This way the desktop isn’t cluttered with message windows that the user has to close by hand.

So far, the number of extensions/plugins that are available for Snarl is still small, but with the software below I’m doing my part to increase it :-)

Contact Alarm v0.2

Posted by admin on March 26th, 2008


Today I released an updated version of my Skype plugin “Contact Alarm“. It introduces a new setting, which will let you replace the default alarm sound with one of your own .wav files. In addition, the license bug was (hopefully and finally) resolved.

So if you experience any problems, or if you have any questions or suggestions for the next release, feel free to let me know in the comments or drop me an e-mail.

Get it from Skype Extras

If you consider a donation (which would make me happy:-)), you can do so with the button below.

Contact Alarm – Skype Plugin

Posted by admin on January 30th, 2008

Update: In the meantime beta version 0.2 of this plugin has been published. Go here.


As already noted in one of my previous posts, I have been looking for a Skype plugin that will let me set individual status notifications for my contacts. Although Skype has a build-in option for notifying you, when your contacts’ status changes (by little fade-in windows), this option affects ALL of your contacts. This can get quite annoying, especially if you have more than 10 buddys.