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Bahncard Photo

Posted by admin on April 22nd, 2009

So you apply for a Bahncard 25, send in photo number 1 and what do you get?!? They crop the hell out of it until it only shows the stupid guy with his stupid beanie next to you! Since Shrek, donkeys have not been taken serious anymore! Damn you, humans!



I released a new iTunes plugin on today: NightTunes, a simple plugin for iTunes that can automatically shutdown, hibernate or send your PC to standby at the end of a playlist.

If you, like me, enjoy listening to a good audiobook while dozing off to dreamland, but don’t want to leave your computer running throughout the entire night…

NightTunes is for you!

No more harddisk clatter noise or blowing CPU fans disturbing your sleep …plus you’re reducing your your energy bill and your carbon footprint :-)