I don’t know if this goes for all the GeForce 8 and 9 series graphics cards, but getting the S-Video tv-out of my brand new Gainward 9800GT Golden Sample to run seems to be a real hassle. In the following, I wanna how I got it to work:

Hardware setup:

Starting from the video card’s s-video outlet, I use a standard s-video/cinch adapter as depicted below. Please notice that this is not the adapter that came with the card, but instead one that only has four jacks on the s-video side.

On the TV side I use a cinch/Scart adapter like the one below:

Software Setup:

This is where it gets icky :-) To get it running, you first need to enable the “old” Nvidia control center. This can be done, by means of the registry entries you can download here. Upon unzipping the file, double-click on “enableoldNV_CP.reg” and confirm. Then do a right-click on your desktop and click on “NVIDA Display” -> TV. In the opening window, click on the left button (only have it in German here, but I guess in English it says something like “Properties”).

Then you should see your monitor and your TV side-by-side. Right-click on the TV, select “Choose TV-format” -> bottom entry (again….only have it in German here:-) but should be something like “more/enhanced/advanced”). In the new window you may choose the right signal format in the top chooser, although this will make no difference at this point. The important selection here is “S-Video-Output” in the bottom chooser. Don’t leave it set to “automatic”. Click OK on this and all other dialogs from before to close them. Now you should have an image on your TV, which most likely is black and white. To get your colors, do the following.

Double-click on the second file (disableoldNV_CP.reg) from the zip-archive to deactivate the old and re-activate the new NVIDIA control panel. Next, right-click on the desktop and click on “NVIDA Control Panel”. In the left menu choose “Run television setup wizard” from the “Video & Television” menu section. Click “Next” and select “S-Video” in the next (“Connector Type”) dialog. Click on “Next” to get to the “Television Signal Format” dialog. There you want to choose “PAL-B”. Click “Next” until you’re done with the dialog.

That should be it! Have fun with your TV!

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3 Responses to “Enabling the TV-Out of an NVIDIA graphics card”

I just want to say “thanks very much!” for providing this information — it helped me very much. It was the only information I could find which really worked.
Just to help you with the english version of the configuration, here is what I encountered when following your instructions, after “NVIDA Display” -> TV:

In the window which opens, click on the left button (“Additional Properties”)
In the left window which opened, expand the upper-most “+”,
and click on “nView Display Settings”.
You should now see your monitor and your TV side-by-side in the right window.
Right-click on the TV, choose “Select TV-format”, and then click on “Advanced …”

Best regards,
Don Larsen, Maryland, U.S.A.

Could you upload again the file to enable the old nvdia control center? its offline… thanks

Yes, pls make the file available again! The link to http://drop.io/z66sgyb doesn’t work anymore…
And I seem to have the same problem as you did.
Tnx a lot.

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