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July 16th, 2007

Here is a list of software I intend to implement, once I can spare the extra time. Please let me know if you already know any freeware (under Windows) that does any of the following:

  • Flickr Tag Synchronizer: The idea is to have a program that will synchronize the additional photo data (tags, geo-tags, comments), which was associated with your pictures when they were uploaded to or edited in Flickr with the source pictures on your computer. I would like to have all the meta data in the pictures file-header and to be honest, I’m not too keen to do the tagging all over again.
  • MP3 “Nurse“: Right now I use three individual programs on MP3s before I import them into iTunes: Mp3Gain, MusicBrainz Tagger, BPM Analyzer. I’d like to combine all three functionalities into one piece of software. Shouldn’t be that big of a deal since the first two projects offer open-source SDKs and libraries and there is a free BPM Detection Library.
  • Skype Online Notification: Skype is missing a notification setting that let’s you know when one or multiple contacts come online.

UPDATE: I found the tool downloadr, which will not let you synchronize your photo collection with Flickr, but rather allows you to download all your flickr images, including their meta data, incl. (geo-) tags. So I’ll just replace my “old” images with the newly downloaded tagged versions from Flickr. For the subsequent synchronization, FlickrSync seems to do the job of keeping your local repository synced with the Flickr database. Haven’t tried it yet, though.

UPDATE 2: Today I published my Skype Plugin “Contact Alarm”, which takes care of the third item on the list. For details, go here.

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Yo Vogel!

Nice to see that you have your own blog now, too – you must have installed it recently, judging from the # of posts by now. Even nicer to see that I am on your blogroll, too, which means that I will instantly put you on mine.

How are things going? Haven’t heard from each other for AGES!

My Skype is definetly telling me when a contact is getting online – try “Aktionen | Optionen… | Hinweise | Hinweise | Benachrichtigungen | Hinweis unten rechts anzeigen, wenn…”


Hey Marco!

You’re right, I’ve been a little sloppy writing-wise :-) But that’s about to change!

I knew about the notification settings you mentioned and I guess I didn’t clarify my demand well enough. What I want is comparable to something already implemented in the IM Trillian: You can select a single contact and activate the notification option for him/her. So when he/she comes online or back from busy, a small window will pop up and let you know.
The setting in Skype you mentioned will only allow this for ALL your contacts at once, which means that it will fade in/out notifications each time a contact changes its status (which can get quite annoying:-)

Was zum Thema “Flickr Tag Synchronizer”:
Alternativ könntest du zu Googles Webalbum und Picasa wechseln. Die beiden Anwendungen synchronisieren ihre Tags, Geotags, usw.

Hoffe aber auch, dass flickr sich bald was einfallen lässt!


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