Punk Buster & Airfoil

July 13th, 2007

After many month of abstinence, due to the effort I’ve had to invest into my Master’s Thesis, I finally found the time today to start up Battlefield 2 once again. However, after 1 or 2 minutes into the first level I got kicked by Punk Buster with a message dialog popping up, saying: “Unknown Windows API Function [131125]“.


Searching Google lead me to a post by Splattergnejs on http://www.punksbusted.com that identifies a little program called Airfoil (which I was currently running a demo version of) to be the source of all problems. Seems like its audio-grabbing routines and Punk Buster don’t get along…so long Airfoil


Update: Mentioning Battlefield 2…I totally forgot to swagger about my stats. :-)

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3 Responses to “Punk Buster & Airfoil”

genius! thanks

thank you, i kept getting kicked from COD4, damn airfoil. such a cool app, had to go. You just saved me hours of headaches and patches.

Hey thnx for posting this
Saved me some frustration :)

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