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Afraid of your own shadow?

Posted by admin on July 31st, 2007

Classic, but still hilarious…

eBay Watcher Euro Widget

Posted by admin on July 30th, 2007

I got tired of browsing to the eBay website every hour to check my current auction. As I am using Yahoo Widgets I searched their website for a widget that would show me the current status of my auction. What I found was a widget called “eBay Watcher” by Michael Gaines. Unfortunately, it was pretty outdated and didn’t support auctions from Europe (those in €). So I fiddled a little with the code, et voilà “eBay Watcher Euro“.

So far it’s (still) pretty basic and only supports one auction at a time. Once loaded, you need to put in the auction ID found in the right upper corner of the eBay auction’s page. Try it out!

Schüler Kalb Döner Tasche

Posted by admin on July 26th, 2007

Bei so viel “Schüler Döner” übersieht man schon fast die Erschaffung einer neuen Spezies unten rechts im Bild.

Schüler Döner

Das gemeine “Kalb-Hähnchen” auch bekannt als Kuhn (Schenkelklopfer!). Immerhin gibt’s altersgemäß zum Rest des Angebots Schüler-Bier für 1€.

(gesehen in Göttingen)

“Durch die Blume gesagt…”

Posted by admin on July 26th, 2007

Presidential Debates

Posted by admin on July 26th, 2007

Here is a recap of the Democrats’ Presidential Debates from Monday. The general question of this piece was “How will your policies reduce energy consumption?” Sen. Gravel was the first to response and suggested to change the tax structure:

And so if we now have a retail sales tax, you’ll take this nation of ours from a consuming nation to a savings nation.

Yeah right! Anybody else wonders, why he didn’t get as much speech time as the other candidates did? :-) Sen. Dodd on the other hand introduced some approaches that might actually work and help to prevent global warming, such as:

Posted by admin on July 18th, 2007


Hätte er mal den Bohlen geraubt…

Things to be done…

Posted by admin on July 16th, 2007

Here is a list of software I intend to implement, once I can spare the extra time. Please let me know if you already know any freeware (under Windows) that does any of the following:

  • Flickr Tag Synchronizer: The idea is to have a program that will synchronize the additional photo data (tags, geo-tags, comments), which was associated with your pictures when they were uploaded to or edited in Flickr with the source pictures on your computer. I would like to have all the meta data in the pictures file-header and to be honest, I’m not too keen to do the tagging all over again.

Ubuntu 7.04 & Tight-VNC

Posted by admin on July 13th, 2007


A week ago I upgraded the Ubuntu system on my server from 6.10 to 7.04. I was a little worried since the last system upgrade I did messed up my whole Debian installation and finally made me re-install the entire system. At that point I switched to Ubuntu…

On a first glimpse the upgrade process went smoothly. Because my server is in a closet and I don’t have a monitor or a keyboard directly hooked up to it, I have to access it via SSH and (Tight-) VNC; and that’s where the fun started. While SSH access made no trouble, the keyboard layout was all scrambled. Typing “asdf” comes out to “abfh” and so on….After searching several forums I was happy to learn that I am not alone out there. Apparently it is a glitch in the updated Gnome version that causes trouble for the VNC client.

Punk Buster & Airfoil

Posted by admin on July 13th, 2007

After many month of abstinence, due to the effort I’ve had to invest into my Master’s Thesis, I finally found the time today to start up Battlefield 2 once again. However, after 1 or 2 minutes into the first level I got kicked by Punk Buster with a message dialog popping up, saying: “Unknown Windows API Function [131125]“.


Searching Google lead me to a post by Splattergnejs on that identifies a little program called Airfoil (which I was currently running a demo version of) to be the source of all problems. Seems like its audio-grabbing routines and Punk Buster don’t get along…so long Airfoil

Here we go…

Posted by admin on July 12th, 2007

Kinders, bleibt ruhig….ab jetzt blogge ich!!!! Alles wird gut!