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Over the last weeks I’ve become a huge fan of Snarl, which is a Growl-like notfication system for Windows. With the appropriate plugin, applications like Firefox or Miranda can display user messages through Snarl, which only opens small “bubble” message boxes that close itself after a certain period of time. This way the desktop isn’t cluttered with message windows that the user has to close by hand.

So far, the number of extensions/plugins that are available for Snarl is still small, but with the software below I’m doing my part to increase it :-)

Since the only plugin for iTunes, iTuny, is more of a Launchy plugin than a Snarl plugin, and since I couldn’t get its Snarl component to work (maybe I didn’t try hard enough), I decided to give the iTunes SDK a try and developed my own plugin. You can download the installer below. When running the setup, the plugin will install itself to $Program Files$\iTunes\Plugins\iTunesSnarl\ from where iTunes will load it automatically whenever you launch it. So no need to start the plugin seperately (of course Snarl needs to be running). Just fire up iTunes and that’s it. From now on you will get a small bubble message showing you the current artist and track title whenever you skip from one track to another.

Download it here

P.S.: I borrowed the Snarl_CMD.exe from the iTuny sources. f0vela, I hope you don’t mind!

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7 Responses to “iTunes plugin for Snarl (Growl for Windows)”

Snarl_CMD.exe is from me and I just can say: no problem, that’s what I made it for ;) – see http://tlhan-ghun.de/?q=node/59

Did you recognize that Snarl_CMD.exe is able to register with Snarl (being listed in Snarl-Apps-section in the Snarl-settings and define alert classes)? Have a look in the readme which is included in the download :)

And before I forget – great to have an iTunes plugin now :)

Grüße aus Augsburg übrigens – in Berlin habe ich bis letztes Jahr gewohnt ;)

No problem at all, as Sven Said the Snarl_CMD.exe is developed by him. I’m having problems with Snarl_CMD myself but it’s because of admin rights in Vista. :(

To enable Snarl you have to call the iTunes Config command so the config window appears and then you can check “enable snarl support” and apply the changes.

But your plugin is a much better solution. :) Great to see someone does this before i did it :P hehehehe

I’m having the same issue that i’m having with Snarl_CMD.exe no registration is made :( because of Vistas not allowing me to run Snarl on my normal user but under admin privileges.

If you will put the album image instead a generic iTunes icon it will be great.

About the album images…..I’ll look into it on the weekend. I should be able to implement it.

Excellent. Please send me a mail when it will be made, please.

Hey. Spiffy plugin, and I’m glad to see Snarl get more support!

I would like to request a feature as well, if at all possible. Could you add an option to enable more information about the current song, such as album, rating, last played, etc.? I know next to nothing about programming, so if this isn’t possible or is a ton of work, I understand completely :3

Thanks for the good work so far!

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