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July 30th, 2007

I got tired of browsing to the eBay website every hour to check my current auction. As I am using Yahoo Widgets I searched their website for a widget that would show me the current status of my auction. What I found was a widget called “eBay Watcher” by Michael Gaines. Unfortunately, it was pretty outdated and didn’t support auctions from Europe (those in €). So I fiddled a little with the code, et voilà “eBay Watcher Euro“.

So far it’s (still) pretty basic and only supports one auction at a time. Once loaded, you need to put in the auction ID found in the right upper corner of the eBay auction’s page. Try it out!

I’m still awaiting the original author’s OK to upload it to Yahoo Widget Repository. Until then, get it here

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One Response to “eBay Watcher Euro Widget”

Schon mal bei baytomat nachgeschaut?! Is auch nicht schlecht, wenn auch nich so fancy :)

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