Presidential Debates

July 26th, 2007

Here is a recap of the Democrats’ Presidential Debates from Monday. The general question of this piece was “How will your policies reduce energy consumption?” Sen. Gravel was the first to response and suggested to change the tax structure:

And so if we now have a retail sales tax, you’ll take this nation of ours from a consuming nation to a savings nation.

Yeah right! Anybody else wonders, why he didn’t get as much speech time as the other candidates did? :-) Sen. Dodd on the other hand introduced some approaches that might actually work and help to prevent global warming, such as:

  • The 50-mile-per-gallon standard
  • Have the entire fleet of federal automobiles to be hybrids or electric cars by 2017
  • Introduce a corporate carbon tax

Near the end (0:43), CNN host Anderson hits the bull’s eye by concluding that the question is also about personal sacrifice. That gave Dodd a chance to brag about his hybrid and the energy-efficient light bulbs in his home…not for too long though because Anderson interrupted and had all candidates raise their hands on the question: “How many people here took a private jet to get here tonight?”

Now this is where it gets awkward :-) You gotta love Richardson, who seems not to be sure whether he should admit flying in on a private jet he has to raise his hand, because he flew in yesterday.

Dodd also flew in on a private jet. But of course HE makes up for it with his efficient light bulbs…

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